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Cine film deteriorates with age

Have all your cherished family memories transferred to a modern format before its to late.

Your films can be transferred onto any format of video tape or even direct onto DVD

Suitable copyright free music can be overlaid for enhanced viewing.

Also a cleaning and repair service can be offered for your damaged films

These prices include Image Transfer to VHS/ DVD, Transit Box and V.A.T.
Cine, Slides and Photographs can be mixed.
Please ensure that any material supplied is clearly marked for correct running order.
Small repairs to cine film are usually covered in the price.

8mm / Super 8mm

Cine Film length
Up to 200 feet
Each additonal 50 feet
Extra Copies

9.5mm / 16.00mm

Cine Film length
Up to 100 feet
Up to 200 feet
Each additional 50 feet
Extra Copies

  Items transferred to DVD, add £10. Extra DVD copies £6

Cine 35mm - Price on Application

Approximate Guide to Film Lengths

Spool Diameter
Approx Running Time
50 feet
3 inches
4 Minutes
200 feet
5 inches
12 Minutes
400 feet
7 inches
28 Minutes